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Hingani is 400 year old village .Located in North Maharashtra in Nandurbar distict ,shahada Taluka.middle on the shahada - shirpur highway.hingani are the green village there are lots of trees & green farm.hingani are devide in two parts new & old Hingani ,old higani people shift down on the new hingani .old hingani people facing problem in traving ,connection,farming .one of the most problem is there one raver "Tapi nadhi" going via throw the old hingani on every monson they may be flud came in raver.most of the time flow of the water came in side the home they are affected .people facing repairing problem .50 year ago they have to shift down fare from the raver.grampanchayat getting the land near to the high way .sending proposal to goverment to plat that land .goverment approvel they proposal in the year 2004 .
now over the last few the year maximam families shiftdown in old hingani.every thing near to them.infrastructure of the hingani is to good to the way they have plan .
in hingani they are lots of they communities the are staying together .mejor communities are the Gujar,Bhil,Maratha,Pardhi,Bahujan Samaj,



Hingani Gram Panchayat,
Post - Torkheda


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