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Welcome !

Hangani is a small vellege located in North Maharashtra , Nundurbar Distict ,shahada taluka.Hingani is gujar manority vellege,living many small category people togather...

Hingani comes in between Shahada & Shirpur , in hingani Diffent category People Staying together here  many major category Gujar Samaj,Bhil Samaj, Pardhi, Maratha, Bahujan Samaj many more...
People are Partishipating in cultural Program of each other..we are enjoying all fastival...
we are all Formar in hingani .we conducting  the circular  Crope Plant in form, 
Mostly Sugar Cane,Papaya,Wheate,Cotton,etc, people helping to each other
in form.similarly we  doing there small business with forming...
They are facing many regarding the power they getting 9 hours Power .we cann't provoid they water to crop at least we expecting 18/24 hours power.our water level are decreasing rapidly..


Hingani Gram Panchayat,
Post - Torkheda

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